hmcWhat's on the table?

Appetizer:    Goodness

Jesus challenges our understanding on many issues. He is radical. He takes everything to a new level, including goodness. When He was called "good teacher" He responded with,

"Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No-one is good— except God alone."

Soup Du Jour:    Throw in you ingredient of wisdom here.

What about all the good people you and I know?  Is no one capable of being good? If they are truly good are they God?

Salt of the Earth:    Bring a guest to the cafe

My wife has a list of people who she considers to be good people. They have impacted her life in a very positive way because they went out of their way to be "nice". Tell us about someone who you would consider to be the "salt of the earth". Return to Facebook now and join in the discussion.

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